Book: Child of the Jungle

My sister Sabine has written a book about our life among the Fayu tribe. The American version is called Child of the Jungle


The British version of the book is called Jungle Child and the translation is much closer to the original German then the American version.

image: Jungle Child by Sabine Kuegler


3 thoughts on “Book: Child of the Jungle

  1. Hi,
    I just read “Jungle Child”, even I’m an Indonesian, I haven’t been to Papua. Thanks for sharing your stories. I recommend my wife and my kids to read this book.


  2. Hi, read your sis’ book, 3 years ago, someone recommended it as a preparation for life in Papua.
    We live in Papua, though in the luxurious comfort of a mining town.
    So far I’ve only be able to go to a Papua village (Moni) once, and learned to greet.
    Amazing how places and people kilometers apart can actually be planets apart.


  3. Hello,
    I read The Poisonwood Bible and then immediately found Child of the Jungle. What great contrast and uplifting tale of success!
    Best wishes for a future filled with fulfilled hopes and dreams!


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