Though born in Germany to German parents,  Judith Kuegler grew up among tribal communities in Nepal and Papua New Guinea. Her interest in creating art began at a very early age and is profoundly influenced by her multicultural upbringing. After attending Art College in Germany she moved to the US to continue her studies in art and psychology. Judith works as an artist and art teacher with special interest  in global women’s issues, multiculturalism and anthropology. She lives with her two sons in North Carolina.


Her work has been featured in a variety of publications such as, Victoria Magazine, American Scientist, Motherverse, Juno, Journal of the Association for Research on Mothering and New Beginnings. Judith participates in group and solo gallery shows as well the Carrboro and Hillandale Art Walks, MOMart and Whimsical Women.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Judith, thanks for the follow on Twitter. Glad to see another wantok on Twitter. Love your artwork.
    Take care.


  2. Hi Judith,
    Happy New Year!!!
    So nice to be here! How are you? Its been a long time, You are in my prayers.

    I would also love to be in touch with Doris mom. Can I have her email address?

    Take care and my hello to your boys.

    from – a family in India


  3. Hi, Judith, Nice to see you on web… after I read your sister’s book. Its fascinating story and gave me some conscious about another part of my homeland, Indonesia.


  4. Dear Judith,

    we’ve just watched the film Dschungelkind and I kept telling my familiy, this story sounds like the story of my friend Judith, who I met in Cardiff and we spent quite a bit of time together there. I searched the web for your name, found your blog straight away and here I’m writing to get back in touch with you.

    Do you remember our time in Cardiff? I used to be called Heinke Müller. I don’t know, how we lost touch, but I’d love to get back in touch with you and catch up quite a few years.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Take care,


  5. HI Judith. Probably, a lot of people talk to you about your sister. Her book made me think a lot about the sense of family and faith. I am a artist, I paint and write. I used to sing and act and I worked as voice teacher.
    I have been very sick for the last 10 years. My art and my faith are my remedy.
    But I don’t want to talk about your sister even if I loved her book ! I want to learn more about you and your art. What inspires you ? How your childwood influenced you as a person and as a artist?


  6. Hi,
    My name is Leonie,
    I have to do a presentation next week to pass my exams (up to GSCEs).
    I love the book “DasDschungelkind” and I chosed your sister as my theme. It would be wonderful if you could tell her this and mabey she could contact me. Thank you very much in advance.


  7. Vielleicht kannst du ja noch ein wenig Deutsch und nimmst meine Grüße an. Ich habe mir heute das Dschungelkind angeschaut und bin sehr angetan von dem Leben da *draußen* … lächel.
    Ganz besonders gefallen hat mir diese unbändige Freude, die ihr beim Anblick von Schnee hattet.
    Ganz lieben Gruß aus Gemany … sissi


  8. hi sister, i am Lisa ( Minius daugther ) I am happy to know you more
    I have skype. I think we we became friend. so if you have time, can we talk? my dad miss you too… that’s all.


  9. From Papua New Guinea with quadrillions of heart felt thanks to your family, especially the zeal, determination, love and passion your parents had for our Fayu people across the border. Appreciate you and your younger siblings (Jungle girl Sabine and Christian) for accompanying your parents and sacrificing your childhood for our people. Your riches are stored up in Heaven by Anutu (God). Dange!


  10. Hey Judith, ich freue mich, dass ich Dich gefunden habe! Geht es Dir und Deinen Lieben gut? Lieben Gruß Margrit Kieper Hamburg


  11. Hi Judith, ich weis nicht ob Du dich noch an die Zeit unserer Brieffreundschaft erinnern kannst… wir waren noch Kinder ca. 11-12Jahre alt !! Während eurem damaligen Deutschlandaufenthalt ward ihr auch bei mir und meiner Familie zu Besuch. vielleicht ist es möglich das wir uns wieder finden und wieder Kontakt aufnehmen können. Liebe Grüße Ilona (geb.Kuhn) Lofink


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