Pre-Show Craziness

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I admit I am a procrastinator. I also eat too much chocolate and drink too much coffee, but that is another post entirely. The holiday season always sneaks up on me and this year was no exception. Only this year I had also committed, last minute, to doing a show beginning the third week of December. So the usual Christmas frenzy ended in complete chaos. Not only did my stress induced self eat most of the holiday candy in the house, but my eight year old caught me trying to steal chocolate from his advent calender. Try and talk yourself out of that one!

With the holidays over and some perspective gained here are a few pictures of our pre-show preparations….and come see the actually pieces at Fosters in Durham if you are around for the next few weeks.


3 thoughts on “Pre-Show Craziness

  1. What did you say when caught with your sticky fingers in the manger? I hope to enjoy a coffee and chocolate at Foster’s soon so I can see your show.

    Happy New Year!


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